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HG Construction


"We have implemented SiteAssist's permit platform across all our projects and are now working closely with them to digitise further processes. I have witnessed a remarkable transformation since implementation. We are incredibly grateful for SiteAssist, as it has not only resolved our previous struggles but also propelled us towards achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency and safety. I endorse SiteAssist to any construction company looking to optimise their safety procedures and maximise productivity." Colin Nunn, HG Construction

"SiteAssist's robust features have empowered us with real-time visibility and control over safety processes, and minimising the risk of accidents"

Before SiteAssist, HG Construction was grappling with long queues at the site office to obtain signatures and struggling to ensure that critical safety processes were consistently followed.


However, these challenges have become a thing of the past. SiteAssist's digital permit module combined with the linking of documents has eliminated the need for physical signatures, streamlining the approval process and significantly reducing delays.


Furthermore, SiteAssist's robust features have empowered HG with real-time visibility and control over safety processes, ensuring adherence to protocols and minimising the risk of accidents.


This level of oversight and automation has not only enhanced safety but also boosted productivity across all projects.

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