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Abstract Background


Put people to work safely and ensure compliance with a complex, yet simple briefing module

How it works

Point of Work Risk Assessment

Safety documents are linked

Activities can be linked in SiteAssist and increase assurance.
For example: a daily activity is excavation, the POWRA must be linked to an existing Permit to Dig in SiteAssist

Briefing Created in SiteAssist

Start the POWRA by going through the relevant precautions/questions based on your template. Built-in digital hold points will ensure process compliance

Participants are briefed

Participants are added to the POWRA by collecting signatures using smart and simple solutions such as QR codes to speed up the process

Briefing Complete

Briefing templates can be set to have durations to ensure they are being carried out with the correct frequency. Once the briefing is completed, all information is stored with auditable timelines

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