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Smart Permits

A digital control room for on-site delivery processes. Introduce smart digital permits with actual safety hold points and valuable data

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Our Timeline feature
Task Completion with Geo Map


Full auditability

Capture every single detail.Each and every action is recorded within a digital timeline, including precise timestamps and geolocation data

Precision Mapping

Detect activity clashes

The precision mapping feature combines advanced geolocation technology with your project drawings or GIS layers to provide a holistic overview of where work is taking place now and in the future

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Our activity clash feature
Smart Permit
Smart Permit
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permit briefing and digital permit

Geo Located Briefings

Ensure compliance

Briefings should happen at the point of work and not in the canteen. Our geolocation services determine the briefing location of your team in relation to the point of work.

Non-compliance Warnings

Prevent Circumvention

SiteAssists uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and flag duplicated images in your safety documents

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Permit warnings
Location Warnings
Permit warning - object detection
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Capturing data before closing permits ensures important critical information doesn't get lost

Post Permit Checks

Capture normally lost information

Capture data and identify risks before closing a permit to make sure all critical information is communicated and recorded. Ask the important questions, capture variances, run fire watch countdown, live photos and more

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